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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 11, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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crews spend the night clearing crash debris off runway 28l. in this video you can see a crane removing wreckage. there's still a lot of work to be done before that runway can actually be reopened. dude morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning everyone. the teardown of asiana flight 214 coming hours after the victims showed up at the scene to pay respects to the two teenage girls killed in that crash. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in south san francisco with details on the very emotional return. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon and laura. ntsb investigators headquartered at this south san francisco
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hotel allowed survivors of last weekend's accident a visit back to the crash site before that wreckage is removed. buses ferried the passengers of flight 214 along with their families to the site yesterday afternoon. one of them, ben levy tells us it was emotional, some people cried while others remained silent. the return for his return, to try to become closer with his fellow survivors. the only people on the planet who can understand what he experienced when the plane crashed into the runway saturday morning. >> it was an event that we will remember for life. we'll never forget it. and so getting to know a little bit the people that were in that plane and with me i think helps me perhaps deal a little bit better. >> reporter: in other developments with relation to the investigation, the ntsb say it is pilot told investigators that a bright light temporarily blinded him during final approach, about 34 seconds out
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from impact, around the same time that the cockpit realize thad the plane was flying too low and too slow for a safe landing. the ntsb doesn't know what that light was, whether it might have been someone pointing a laser at the cockpit or something else. and after the plane crashed, the cockpit crew waited 90 seconds before ordering an evacuation of the aircraft. they actually told passengers to remain in their seats as they communicated with the control tower. they initiated evacuation after a flight attendant informed them that the plane was on fire. the ntsb says it is standard to begin evacuations immediately after the plane stops after an accident and have everyone off within 90 seconds. reporting live in south san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. and there are also patients still in the hospital following the crash. san francisco general is still treating eight patients this morning, two of them are children. three of those patients are said to be in critical condition.
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mills-pens anyone la is treating three. san francisco general says two remain there, one in critical condition. st. francis treating one patient and also one patient remaining at st. mary's. stay with "today in the bay" all morning long with continuing coverage of the asiana aircraft. we're get together hear the 911 calls from some of the passengers on the plane recorded just minutes after the crash. we'll play them for you at 5:00. the search for a missing oakland girl. the 20-month-old daphne viola webb disappeared yesterday morning. her father john webb says she was abducted from his car. here is the situation. it happened at a market near 79th and international boulevard yesterday morning. john webb says he took his daughter there to get a snack. he tells police he left the girl in the car with her grandmother while he went inside. when he got back, his girl was gone. the girl's grandmother could not help the police because she is
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suffering with dementia. investigators have turned their focus to john webb's home where the little girl lives. they search around the home and questioned neighbors about the last time webb and his daughter were seen together. >> in hopes that someone will be able to provide a timeline and say i saw them together on this date or this location at this time. >> police now say they have questioned webb, but at this point they have not listed him as a suspect. it is 4:34. two car jackers on the loose after stealing a fan in oakland with a toddler inside. the thieves approached a mother at a gas station near 42nd and foothill, climbed into her van and drove off. the woman's toddler was in the back seat. the thieves dropped the child off under a tree a few blocks away unharmed. police are looking for the suspects and the stolen 2002 honda van. we have a followup to san jose's 26th homicide of the year. police have arrested 25-year-old
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matthew jacobson in connection with the deadly stabbing. early yesterday morning police found 37-year-old christopher bowman with stab wounds at a homeless shelter located on julian street a few blocks from the der riddian station. investigators do not believe it was gang related. we could find out today the name of the person killed in that massive fire at a redwood city apartment complex. the six-alarm fire started at the hallmark house apartments on woodside road early sunday morning and injured more than 20 people and displaced almost 100. when firefighters were finally able to put the flames out, they did find a body inside the building. two cyclists are recovering this morning after colliding with a car in newark last night. police say the crash happened at the intersection of newark and ruschin drive. dispatchers say there were injuries but it's not clear how serious they were. the road finally reopened about 1:00 this morning.
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it's that time of year. santa clara county crew also be fogging for mosquitos tonight in areas of san jose. the vector control district says mosquitoes in zip codes 95123 and 95136 tested positive for west nile virus. fogging will be taking place in the area roughly bordered by monterey road, lawson avenue, santa teresa boulevard and coddle road. >> got to get those little guys. get rid of those things. let's check the forecast saying good thursday morning to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning, laura and jon. always want to eliminate the standing water from around your home as well, keep those guys away. looking good today. temperatures will be very comfortable. we're starting out nice and crisp, plenty of 50s across the board. 56 in livermore and, yes, needy say it? it's friday eve, ladies and gentlemen, so close to that all
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important weekend. the great news is the fantastic weather we've been experiencing, it's going to hold up just about all weekend long. we have subtle differences to take you through. i'll sort that out for you. the seven day outlook is up in my next report. first, it's thursday, yesterday was not easy. what are we working with today? >> it's 4:37. we have your typical overnight issues, mostly construction crews out there. no big outstanding incidents. we'll look towards the san mateo bridge and the approach toward boston and the high-rise. you can see the folks making their way up the incline. relatively clear here. we'll look at the maps and we see a smooth drive off castro valley and also towards the san mateo bridge. it's the dumbarton bridge that has an issue, folks getting off there onto the east bay side through newark and fremont. if you're trying to get on southbound 880 from east 84, that's closed until 6:00 a.m. go to the next signal and take a look back.
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that construction crew is there and they have a lot of work. when i passed by, they have taken out all of the pavement, repaving that on-ramp. watch that until 6:00. a look at the bay bridge from the east bay, looking at the bay bridge. a smooth drive on the span itself. on the far side, you see the top of the bay bridge towers hidden by low clouds. >> get ready for a brain freeze today. today is 7-eleven's unofficial birthday. to celebrate, it's offering up free slurpees. they've held their annual event for more than a decade. a key change this time around. the slurpees will be larger, 12 ounces instead of the 7.11 ounces in years past. what givers they are. the reason? less mess. moms actually asked for cups with lids and 7-eleven obliged. >> i can del you dads also appreciate those. >> if you get a free slurpee, you need a free car wash.
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>> i put a bib on. google glass in action and full effect. one user has released video this morning. what the president is trying to do to try to salvage efforts on capitol hill to reform america's immigration system. and helping the families of sandy hook school shooting, that devastation event out there, today's meeting delivering financial assistance for the victims.
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welcome back everyone. a good thursday morning to you. taking a live look outside. a lot of cloud cover out there, foggy start to the day. a live look at san francisco. we'll have more on the forecast coming up. 4:42. from two votes to one to none. this morning an international sailing jury will announce its decision regarding a protest to rule changes at this year's america's cup. italian luna rossa is protesting rule changes in response to the death of andrew simpson. they say it alters the race and refuse to compete until a decision is made. the decision is supposed to come down at 11:00. today luna rossa is slated to race swedish team art muss.
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but that boat is damaged and cannot race. it's possible no boats will hit the water today. we are getting a new look this morning at just what google glass can actually do. the houston zoo one of the first groups to get the google glass. they show what it looks like to go inside the leopard pen. the zoo will continue to post video from the point of view of the keepers as it tests out the cool glasses. get ready for sticker shock in the coming weeks. courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters with what's driving the prices up. good morning, courtney. >> good morning, laura. futures are sharply higher on the back of commerce fed chairman ben bernanke who says interest rates will likely stay low for a long time. he says the economy needs the fed's help as growth is being
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held back by higher taxes and budget cuts. we'll get data today on unemployment and import prices. stocks ended mixed on wednesday. the dow slipping eight to 15,291, the nasdaq rising 16 to 3,520. get ready for sticker shock at the gas pumps. experts say retail prices should soon follow the jump on the wholesale market. prices are 30 to 61 cents a gallon higher than two weeks ago due to higher crude prices and peak driving season. the national average for regular unlead unleaded, in san francisco gas is at 4:05, a little higher in san jose at $3.94. >> what a bargain. thank you, courtney. >> still a little painful. 4:44 right now. christina loren, are we going to be feeling pain or feel good outside? >> natural ac. so pocket what you're going to keep for that gas money from what you're saving from pg&e.
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4:44, good morning to you. it is thursday, you've made it this far. it's been a really comfortable week weather wise. we'll get more of the same. we've got this cool setup, i can't wait to show you my satellite imagery. we'll do a little science right here right now at 4:45 in the morning. 54 in concord, 57 in oakland. starting out with your air quality. happy to report even though it's hazy out there, we're still in the good air quality range. that will hold up as we head through the extended period. look at this monsoonal moisture, the showers pumping up in the south, getting cut off around fresno. for us we have a fair chance of seeing showers only around the south bay mountains, western facing slopes. meanwhile we'll see onshore flow at the immediate coast. that means the natural cooling will be pumping in strong and temperatures will drop off. look at these comfortable readings in oakland. 75 today, 78 in san jose, good morning in gilroy, 83 degrees.
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you can smell the garlic out there. let's take you into that weekend because you're so close now, i want to help you make those plans. on sunday holding on to the upper 80s monday and tuesday. finally starting to heat up a touch by wednesday into thursday of next week but not blowing past seasonal averages, in fact staying rather level. 4:46 right now. on the international scene, a court in india finished hearing the case against a teenager accused in a brutal gang rape that sparked national and international outrage. the suspect was 17 years old at the time of the rape. this happened last december. police say he and five other men raped and tortured a woman on a bus. that woman later died from her injuries. if convicted, that teen facing a maximum of three years in juvenile detention. activists are calling for a much harsher sentence. the court is expected to rule on the case later this month. 4:46. we're getting a new look at
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boston marathon bombing suspect this morning, his first appearance since his arrest. tsarnaev appeared in court yesterday wearing a cap, his face appeared swollen. during the hearing he looked at relatives often and smiled at them. he arrived at the courthouse under heavy guard. police lined up across the street as show of support from sean collier, the m.i.t. police officers that was shot to death by tsarnaev and his brother. victims of the bombing also attended the hearing. another emotional day for the families and surviving victims of the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. tonight the foundation is expected to meet with each family directed affected by the mass shooting. the committee in charge of distributing the millions donated to the small community and will assess each family's individual needs. last december adam lanza shot and killed 20 children along with six staff members at sandy hook elementary school before
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ultimately killing himself. closing arguments are set to begin today in the trial of george zimmerman. the defense rapid up its case yesterday with no testimony from zimmerman. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder charge claiming he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense. those closing arguments are expected to begin this afternoon. president obama and vice president biden will sit down with top republican leaders today hoping to work out some kind of plan for immigration reform. republicans remain split on how to deal with immigration. some remain leery of the plan approved by the senate that would provide a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented workers already here in the united states. they want to make border security a top priority. house republicans have said they won't even vote on the senate's immigration plan adding it could be months before they actually come up with some kind of solution. 4:48. the decision today that could sweeten the plan to keep the a's in oakland. plus we'll tell you about golden state introducing the
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newest warrior. the player the team hopes will finally put them over the top. that's coming up next. we're looking over here toward the peninsula, 101 not bad, easy drive past the ravenswood shopping center. i'll show you what's happening in the south bay coming up.
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welcome back everybody. a live look on this thursday morning at the san mateo bridge. you can see a little traffic starting to fill up in the early morning dawn. mike inouye along in a few minutes to talk to you about your roadways. it's 4:52 right now. we could learn sometime today whether oakland's bid to keep the a's in their town will clear a major hurdle. for the fourth time in the last two weeks the city port commission considering settling a lawsuit filed by one of the port's biggest terminal operators. the proposed settlement would end operations at howard terminal, thus freeing up about 50 acres of waterfront labd for a brand new ball park. howard terminal right now seen as the city's best option for a new stadium because of its location near jack london square. one sidehere.
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if an agreement is, in fact, reached, other terminals say they will sue the port in return. the newest warrior will officially be introduced today. the deal bringing former denver nugget and all-star andre iguodala to golden state now officially complete. it was a trade between denver and utah. he's set to make $48 million over the next four years with the warriors. he'll be introduced during a news conference at noon. you can watch it on comcast sports net bay area. >> ig dal los angeles y >>. >> ig /* /- iguodala, nice job. >> i'm happy there's another guy in the bay area whose name starts with an i, not a lot of last names do. it might be just as hard as mine to say. looking toward the south bay where affic flows nicely. you see the flashing lights squeezed between the overpass
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there. that's the 880 and 280 interchange. just north of there, construction crews continue. look at the maps, 280 shows slowing heading away from us. dwoe see slowdown on the sensors there. that 345i be because the crews have just cleared through the area. so the slower-moving construction vehicles caused that. the rest of the south bay moving very clearly. as that live shot shows you, no major issues through the area. watch for the rebouts north 880 off 280. a look at the tri-valley. a smooth drive out of there heading toward the east bay. 880 itself moving smoothly. it's just getting off the dumbarton bridge, dakota to southbound 80 has the on-ramp closed, the transition ramp closed due to repaving and refinishing the whole road way. quite a bit of digging going on there. you can loop back on from the opposite direction. 880 moving nicely past the coliseum. we had construction crews
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clearing right at the coliseum earlier. they're gone and north of here through downtown, both directions will still see lanes blocked from about another half hour. the bay bridge toll plaza, you have -- in the all your lanes are opened. about 8:00 they start closing one or two of the toll lanes overnight doing maintenance work. that's going on for the next few months. that's why we have some backup in the cash lanes. that's not a big backup just yet. it's just that one of the lanes isn't open yet. the battle continues on this one. experts say plans to delay the opening of the bay bridge may actually put the public's safety at risk. engineers on the seismic safety peer review committee say it may not be safe. they've come up with a temporary fix for the broken bolts. they could have that span ready to open by labor day. here is what they're proposing. inserting wedges into the areas of those broken bolts to stabilize them for the time being.
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bridge officials are considering the idea, but say it is a conce concept, not a solution. the span will open in mid december at the earliest. this is a day that one happy couple will never forget. this morning they're going to tie the knot while screaming at the top of their lunges on board the new gold striker coaster at great america today. the ceremony starts at gold striker station at 9:30 this morning. it will end with the couple saying their "i dos" as the train makes its way back. cake will be served, probably a good plan, after the ceremony, not before. >> it sounds like a weird idea getting married. but maybe get all your screaming out of your way before you get married and you have a peaceful -- >> marriages can have ups and downs. 4:56 right now. the search continues for a young missing oakland toddler. what we're hearing this morning from oakland police about her disappearance. we'll tell you about that coming up next.
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a live look at runway 28l at sfo where crews worked overnight to start clearing off the remains of the asiana airplane. we'll have team coverage next including the 911 calls from some of the passengers on the runway.
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crews working through the night to clear out the remains of asiana flight 214 off the runway at san francisco international airport. they're still working as we speak. good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a live look at the runway this morning. it's part of the work to try to get that runway back up and running. the cleanup actually started after crash survivors made an emotional journey back to the site. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san francisco with that part of the story for us. good morning, bob. >> good morning, laura and jon. ntsb investigators allowed the survivors of this weekend's
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horrible accident a chance to revisit the crash site. one passenger, ben levy tells us it was emotional, some people crying while others remained silent. the reason for his return, to try to become closer with his fellow survivors. the only people, he says, on the planet who can understand what he experienced when that plane crashed into the runway saturday morning. >> i think we're all connected through the event for life. we'll never forget it. to getting to know a little bit the people on the plane with me i think helps me perhaps deal a little bit better. >> reporter: the ntsb says the pilot told the investigators a bright light temporarily blinded him during final approach. this happening about 34 seconds from impact. this is around


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